heal a broken heart

People always says that the only one can cure a broken heart is FALLING IN LOVE WITH SOMEONE ELSE, lets prove it 😉


welcome November….

heiii hoooii… today 1st day of november.. gue ga kerjaaa.. dikarenakan sakiitt… ya ya ya.. well, setelah gue pikir2.. every month i will get attack by flu tahap akut. kali inii batuk2 sampe dadaaa sakit bgt…

anyway, god news… i bought topshop bag.. fiyyuuh tp berkat irene, saya membeli tas itu hanya RM 160 dr 200.. yeyy..

kmrn malem, disaat gue lg batuk2 akut sampe badan gue ngeliuk2.. tiba2 BBM gue berbunyi dr salah satu sodara gue yang bilang ” pi, uda tdr ye, website lo udah gue masukin di website gue, jd jgn males nulis ye” langsung bangun tidur gue nulis inii.. lol..

yasuwdah… doakan saya cepat sembuh yaaa… biar bs kerjaa besokk…



just some advices

When you love someone fight for what you feel. But if the one you love, loves someone else, LET GO. Be like a soldier, know when to fight and when surrender..

this or that?

Alright.. this is topshop bag that i really2 want.. it cost RM 209 , quite expensive for me yeaa.. but i am thinking to buy it once i get my salary.. yeyy.. then hav to safe money for me and winda plan to go to bangkok and phuket before our convocation on July..


I also want this bag. from charles and keith, it cost RM 179 or 70$GD.. mhhh.. im just so confused so muchh.. which one i have to buy? the top shop or charles and keith?? HELP me decided pleaseee…




i am a big fans for eyeliner. eyeliner is the most favorite for me to buy and use.. i just bought this eyeliner from maybelline, brown color.. its cheap, only RM 17 . and it just adorable. recommended to buy 😉

usually i asked for my cousins who lived in saudi for the best best eyeliner that i ever try “lyra” .

for now, i have black, green, gold, purple and brown color. and i still wanna buy another color.. 🙂




fashion icon for me.. is.. S and B

Gossip girl.. blake lively and leighton meester.. the fashion icon that me always loved.. all that they are wearing, to the shop, to the party.. their accessories.. their shoes, cluth, bags, coats.. all drives me crazy in this film.

welcome opiibsa..

Hello world..
actually, this is not my 1st blog.. i had a blog before but i deleted. why? because as i grow up, i need something that serious.. * ehhhmm* i mean, need to focus with my hobby.
im gonna share my holiday experiences, beauty and fashion that i love so much.. and life and my love life..
hope you all enjoy to read my blog.

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