I love you forever and ever
and always I love you
Whenever you need me
I’ll be there right by you
Whenever you call me
I’m there when you call
Whenever you’re falling
I’m there when you fall
Wherever your going
I’ll be right there showing
Our love’s always growing and growing and growing
I know that you know it, there’s no need for guessing
When I am requesting, I’m there with no questions
As… I’ll go, wherever, whenever
If ever, you need me, I’ll be here


just for a while

can i go back to 2010 for a while.

gue bukan nya mau inget2 masa lalu gue, tapi pagi ini ketika gw bangun tidur, tb2 semua nya flash back.. tp flash back ke temen2 gue yang udah bantu gue utk stand up and be strong. gue rasa ga perlu gw jelasin lagi what happened to me on august 2010.. but all i know i was so stressed. *serious* I wanna thank to some of my friends..

Hesti & Iko.. gue inget hari pertama.. kalian maksa gue utk ke ibu, lalu makan.. walaupun gw ga bs makan sm sekali saat itu..trs malem nya kita ke pavilioon, makan yellow cab, ketawa2x.. maksa gw makan ini itu.. gue tau kalian berusaha bgt utk buat gue ketawa, buat gw semangat tapi gw nya tetep ga bisa.. makasi bgt udahh ada disamping gue terus saat itu… love you both.

Winda.. :(( maaf akuu sangat merepotkan kamuu… aku tauu kamu sedih bgt liat aku pada saat itu, cuma bs tiduran doang dikamar, nangis dan muntah setiap abis makan.. sampe2 lo rela ga pacaran demi ga ninggalin gue sendirian yang konon nya saat itu gue phobia sm kesendirian.. :)) laluu yang neriakin guee ” KA OPIIII THESIS NYA 3 HARI LAGI DIKUMPULIN ” and bwt gue sempat mikir ” ya allah, chapter 4 dan 5 belom kesentuh sama sekali, lalu buat sampe ga tdr.. i love you winda..

Dyah.. hehehe… makasii udah masuk kamar gue sambil bentak2 gue bawa piring ” makan ga lo.. abisin ga ni makanan.. gw dah masakin yaaa… thesis tu pikirin jgn cm ngumpet aja di bawah selimut” yang udah setia dgrin gw sambil nangis di meja makan pas lg makan.. hahaha.. *kl dipikir2 gw begok ya* hahahah.

juga untuk pampam, niken, irma, dewi dan sahabat2 gue yang lain yg sangat teramat rajin nanya ” how r u today pi?” :))

berkat kalian juga akirnya saya bisa bangkit.. sakit nya sih tetep yah, ilangin rasa trauma nya sih masih dicoba sampe skr, tapi i know im gonna fine.. dimaafkan saja semua kesalah2xan nya.. i love you all so much.

benciii sama rokok !

I HATE CIGARETTE i do hate it so much. since i heard my daddy gettin sick because he’s a smoker.. all family were asked him to stop, but because he started to smoke since he was on the 5th grade (5 ESDE) oh noo… so he kept defend that ” kalo aba berenti ngerokok, aba pasti gendud ” hahaha.. yeaa he said that.

in the morning, i saw my sister tweet that said ” Alhamdulillah, aba berenti ngerokok” wooww.. i was surprised, im so happy.. then when i finished class i asked my sister ” why ” aba stop smoking then she said ” sakit ” panik lah ya saya.. ternyata aba sakit krn rokok.. 😥 i am so worried about him.. i called him dan gue ga bs tahan denger suara nya aba.. im so sad.. nangis terus gue.. berdoa terus semoga aba gapapa.. aba hrs rutin check ke specialist paru2x, harus UAP 3 kali sehari.. hiks sedih bgt dehh..

alhamdulillah he’s getting better now, he called me and he can laugh again.. alhamdulillah ya allah, semoga aba kapok dan ga ngerokok lagii..amin ya allah..

* saya menulis ini di sela sela mengerjakan project *

hello, im back !

heyy ho… im back!

was busy previous days or even month 😛 anyway.. HAPPY NEW YEAR and WELCOME 2011, if they ask me “what’s your new year resolutions?” i answered “dunno” but actually yeaa i have some wish.. such as, become more and more close with ALLAH SWT. finish my two subjects this smester and can do my convocation on july (my big target)

well yeaa.. i spent my new years eve and my birthday at Penang, Malaysia with some of my friends and totally we were had fun there.. oh ya.. IM 25 YEARS OLD already.. yeyy… 😀 .. and on my first day of being 25 years old, there something that gave me my happiness that i wished for almost 2 years, and keep continue and keep continuing until now 🙂 ALHAMDULILLAH YA ALLAH.. u listen my prayer 🙂


opii bsa 🙂

the last. *kliatan ga ada kerjaan*


1. Last beverage: MINERAL WATER.

2. Last phone call: mom.. 🙂

3. Last bbm: dyah. membicarakan pino

4. Last song you listened to: BEP – Dirty bit-

5. Last time you cried: forgot. long2 time agooo


6. Dated someone twice: yeaa..

7. Been cheated on: hell yea.. hahahha

8. Kissed someone & regretted it: which part? *upppst*

9. Lost someone special: YEAAAA…

10. Been depressed: yeaa.. 3 months ago. being betrayed , did my thesis, stressful till in 2weeks i lost 5KG. damn

11. Been drunk and threw up: mmmhh.. rasany apa tuh ya?


12. blue, white and green


just some quotes

“There is nothing sadder in this life than to watch someone you love walk away after they have left you. To watch the distance between your two bodies expand until there is nothing left but empty space… and silence.”

“Loss has been part of my journey, but it also taught me what was precious.”

“Let your heart guide you. It whispers so listen carefully.”

” I love you without knowing how, why, or even from where.”

heal a broken heart

People always says that the only one can cure a broken heart is FALLING IN LOVE WITH SOMEONE ELSE, lets prove it 😉

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