benciii sama rokok !

I HATE CIGARETTE i do hate it so much. since i heard my daddy gettin sick because he’s a smoker.. all family were asked him to stop, but because he started to smoke since he was on the 5th grade (5 ESDE) oh noo… so he kept defend that ” kalo aba berenti ngerokok, aba pasti gendud ” hahaha.. yeaa he said that.

in the morning, i saw my sister tweet that said ” Alhamdulillah, aba berenti ngerokok” wooww.. i was surprised, im so happy.. then when i finished class i asked my sister ” why ” aba stop smoking then she said ” sakit ” panik lah ya saya.. ternyata aba sakit krn rokok.. 😥 i am so worried about him.. i called him dan gue ga bs tahan denger suara nya aba.. im so sad.. nangis terus gue.. berdoa terus semoga aba gapapa.. aba hrs rutin check ke specialist paru2x, harus UAP 3 kali sehari.. hiks sedih bgt dehh..

alhamdulillah he’s getting better now, he called me and he can laugh again.. alhamdulillah ya allah, semoga aba kapok dan ga ngerokok lagii..amin ya allah..

* saya menulis ini di sela sela mengerjakan project *


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